Thursday, February 28, 2013

Every day lifa at my house!

          As a mother, you never know what the day will bring. Our schedules change with the direction of the wind. Today's schedule for me was to get the kids off to school, then get to town. I needed to get my oil changed, tires rotated, inspected, and renew my tags. I also had to get an under-armor shirt for my son to wear for the baseball game today. Pick him up a BLT sub from subway and have all of this done and get back up the mountain before 12. I had a pretty good schedule planned! Keyword: PLANNED!!
          I get to school with my sons sub and find out the game has been cancelled! And by this time, his 30 min. lunch break is about 4 minutes from ending. I'd already decided to surprise him and my older son by taking him out of school early to go watch his brother play his first game. Again, this was a surprise to them both. It's a 2 hr. drive from here for the away game. They cancelled the game due to snow and ice.  So, I decided to just bring him home for lunch and some rest.  Then, my oldest sees me and asked if he could come home too! So we are here this afternoon, resting.
         I now have to go back to town, 30 miles one way, to get groceries and medicine for the boys. Which I could of done while I was there, but it's gonna be a great afternoon spent with my boys!

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