Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baseball Season

Spring is my favorite season for sure, with all of the buds popping through the ground, birds singing and eating out of the bird feeders. It's just a miracle to see how things grow and come back to life after such harsh winters.  I live in the mountains of NC and the weather here is different from what I'm use to. During the winter (cold) months, I usually won't go outside unless it's to gather another arm full of firewood for our stove.

Baseball is another reason I love this time of year as well. My youngest son, Trenton, started playing on a rec team last yr. He was in 6th grade and had never been on a team before. He asked me this year if he could play again.....I thought he would because he loved it so much. So of course, he is on a team this year, but it's the school team.

Trenton, listened to the coach's last year and took their direction to heart. After just a few games last year, they tried Trenton on first base. He is a lefty, so they wanted to try him in that position.  He was there from that point forward!! As a Mom, I enjoyed watching the sport, being a team Mom was great as well. Our entire family got so use to games twice a week and practice. We would even have private practices and most of the kids would show up to practice as well.

There first game is tomorrow. It's an away game, and the boys will be leaving school around 12:30. We got uniforms yesterday and he is lucky # 7!! He is so excited, and so am I. I wish them the best of luck tomorrow, and hope they have a great time! It won't be long before I'm sitting in my collapsible chair, sipping on a diet pepsi, and cheering on our team. Good luck to them all.

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