Friday, March 8, 2013

My sweet Baby Girl!

I wanted to say thank you for everyone's concern and prayers for our family. It was a difficult day for sure, but not only for my family, but so many others. Baby Girl was such a great dog/friend to so many. She came into our lives about 8 months ago. She was a rescue, and she rescued us! She and Tippy went with us for Christmas break, and everyone that met her, wanted to keep her. I had to deal with my own grief, but also tell others that loved her so much. They tried to be strong for us, but they hurt too! She loved when friends would visit, she would surely get a head rub!!

She was already a part of the family. I told them all that it would be such a sad day if and when anything ever happened to either of my girls. Most people including myself, aren't to sure about a pitbull. She was the first I'd ever dealt with. She was the most loyal dog, protector, friend, chasing critters out of our yard, friendliest, social, snuggling, sweet dog! To some, I'm sure it's just a my family, we lost one of our girls. I told everyone, we had 2 boys & 2 girls! She is in her final resting spot, beside patches. Some of you knew Chucks dog....Patches. Again, thank you all for everything. We will be ok, but it's not going to be easy to ever find another sweet heart like her to fit our family.

I am one of the most protective moms anyone could ever meet. I would never put my family in danger, of any kind. Baby Girl was found in a community months ago along with another dog. Some of you will remember that. I offered to bring home a pitbull for the night, and carry her to the animal shelter the next morning. Another lady/friend of mine keep the other dog, and 7 puppies that were only about 2 days old. Mary could not handle all of the puppies, mother and her own two rottweilers and baby girl, so thats why I offered to do that for her.

When I got home, noone here could believe I would ever bring a dangerous breed like that here. It was over with, she was immediately part of the family, but I still wasn't trusting of her. Chuck, my husband told me, if you bring them here, their home. As we spent our last night with her, laying in my lap for 3 1/2 hrs. getting her head rubbed and eating 3 slices of cheeses toast, she was a happy girl. I asked Chuck, ain't you glad "I" decided to keep her? He said, yep, I'm glad YOU decided that. We both laughed, and we agreed she was the sweetest dog we'd ever owned. Please don't think that a pit bullis not for you. She was estimated to be 3 yrs old by the vet, and we had no problems. She warned us when someone was here, I knew my kids were safe when I wasn't here.

We will be ok soon, and will adopt another dog/family member. I know she was a happy, grateful girl to have found us, but we were just as lucky. We all loved her so much. I told the boys after school yesterday, and they helped plant the rose bush. Again, thanks for everything, God bless you all!

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